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Market Scenario


Every year 42 crores 40 lacs liters of mineral water is being produced in the world by mineral water industry. The yearly per capita figure of mineral water consumption in India is 0.5 liters, which is very less in comparison to other countries like USA, which has the rate 140 liters per capita yearly. Looking at these figures, there are tremendous growth prospects for the mineral water industry in India. As per our market research, the demand for pure drinking water will go on increasing.

From March 2002, the Ministry of Health, Govt. of India has announced new bottled water standards. Almost all bottled water plants shall be based on reverse osmosis technology.

Studies conducted by health authorities’ show that 10 percent of urban water source in India is contaminated and 80 percent of human diseases are water borne. Rising population, along with unplanned industrial growth has led to natural resources being polluted.

Previously, DM plants were installed to provide feed water for kidney

dialysis plants in hospitals all over India. Recently, The Journal of Indian Medical Association recommends the use of RO water for all kidney dialysis units.

When RO water is used in poultry farms for the raising of chickens, it is found that growth time was reduced by 15% and the life span and survival rate was increased significantly.

When RO water is used for laundry purposes, less detergent is required to wash clothes. RO water helped to preserve color fastness, brightness, and softness of the material.

Restaurants can install RO plants and serve complimentary mineral water to their customers. This will help in the growth of their business to a great extent.

If RO water is used in green houses to feed plants, it will reduce the growth time, less fertilizer is required. The fertility of the ground will be improved and the soil quality is preserved and does not deteriorate over a period of time.In Metal plating industries, RO water improves the quality of plating, saving precious energy

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