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 What is RO

Reverse Osmosis:-
We are manufacturers of RO water filters or reverse osmosis water purifiers in India. We have a complete range of domestic and commercial RO water filters to suit the individual requirements of various house holds and industries. We would like to explain various facts of the reverse osmosis technology for your ready reference.

This is a natural and fundamental process in which a liquid is flown through a semi permeable membrane, which blocks the transfusion of salts/solutes through this membrane.

Reverse Osmosis:
This process, as its name suggests is almost the opposite or reverse of osmosis process. In this process when the two volumes of any solvent or water are separated with a special grade semi permeable membrane. The normal process of osmosis starts, that of flowing of the liquid with low solute concentrate to high solute concentration. Now this process is stopped or even reversed by applying pressure externally, known as osmotic pressure. In such case the liquid flows from the high concentration solute to low concentrate solute. This phenomenon is called reverse osmosis.

The process was initiated by Professor Reid In 1959 (University Of Florida United States Of America)

Reverse Osmosis : (Process Explanation)
The process of reverse osmosis removes dissolved salts as well as organics. The process can be explained as the raw water I flown through the membrane by applying pressure, in the process a small percentage of the feed water permeates the membrane, the balance portion of water moves alongside the membrane without being filtered and moves along side the membrane without being filtered and moves out of the system. The stream which permeates through the membrane is the permeate, the second stream of water is called the concentrate because it carries the concentrated salts and other contaminants which are not able to permeate through or rejected through the membrane . Since the two streams of liquid flow side by side to each other this process is also called cross flow filtration process. This process of water filtration ensures that the output water have 99.9% of pyrogens, viruses and bacteria rejection. 

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